Pageboy Bob Hairstyle- Stands the Test of Time

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Peggy Moffitt
, born in California in 1939, was a premier model during 1960s. She developed a signature style that featured heavy, Kubuki-like makeup and Sassoon’s asymmetrical hair cut-pageboy bob hairstyle.

The pageboy Bob hairstyle is a haircut which is designed for straight, medium to short length hair, named after what was believed to be the haircut of an English page boy. It is a typical Bob cut, and the fringe is cut at or above the height of the eyebrows. Hair can be shaped straight and may go as long up to shoulder-length.

The pageboy Bob was developed and popularized in the 1950s. Pageboy Bob’s most notable feature was the bangs. In the fifties the pageboy generally stopped above the shoulders. Major file actresses and many fashionable women sported pageboys during 1950s. Later, in 1960s, the pageboy cut to just below the ear, where it curls under; in a reverse pageboy, the hair is curled outwards.  
It is pageboy Bob that made Peggy Moffitt a Mod icon in the 1960’s. Now in her early seventies, Peggy Moffitt still wears her pageboy Bob hairstyle. The style dated or still relevant nearly 50 years on? In my opinion, pageboy Bob hairstyle is just as significant now as it was then. Nowadays, the pageboy Bob hairstyle is being presented in a lot of variations in length and in texture. Many celebrities sport pageboy Bob haircuts now.  

Anna Wintour


Katie Holmes